Kerakoll Design House

Introducing Kerakoll Design House

Kerakoll Design House is a new and innovative range of materials and finishes including: resins, cement, micro-coatings, paints, glazes and beautiful handcrafted wood. All products are coordinated into a single tonal palette comprising of ten warm colours which result in an amazing combination of variations which allow the materials, tones and textures the ability to blend into each other creating a stylish and seamless space.

Care & Maintenance

Marble is a metamorphic rock consisting mostly of calcite and dolomite. It is formed by the metamorphism of limestone, over time and temperature changes. When most people think of marble, they imagine a hard stone that is white with grey markings. In reality, it can also have irregularly coloured marks due to the presence of impurities such as silica and clay.

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Cementoflex is a resin-based continuous seamless flooring solution, by its nature enhances a new matrix of process and technology redefining durability with its compact application to that of other resin floor finishes. Comprising of 3-layers totalling a depth of only 3.5 mm exhibiting a mottled cement texture and available in the 10 Warm Collection colours.


Cementoresina is a hand-applied product which has distinctive natural marks and irregularities in the surface making it unique from any other product of its kind. The finished surfaces offer a deep texture offering highly aesthetic qualities, ripples, marbling and vibrations. Comprising of 3-layers totalling a depth of only 3.5 mm exhibiting a beautiful hand-troweled decorative texture which is available in the 10 Warm Collection colours.



The Legno system (in all sizes) comprises of a high-quality Oak (Quercus Robur), grade “Ο”, with birch ply support exhibiting chamfered edges, straight end cuts and distinctive surface marks and irregularities. The 10mm multi-layer wooden parquet which once installed are treated and coated with specialist resins allow a finish that is both durable, stylish and soft a silky to the touch. Available in Large Medium & Small sections.



Microresina is an eco-friendly decorative and protective microfilm, perfect for redesigning of existing ceramic floors & walls without construction. Microresina is comprised of a polyurethane elastic microfilm to provide a seamless colour of which enhances patterns, textures and irregularities to give rooms a fresh, contemporary look. The product redesigns and protects existing floorings and joints, transforming into a continuous surface that is completely non-absorbent, hygienic and safe.



Patina gives environments an “old-look” style with great personality, creating a sense of unfinished and imperfect, that clothes the walls with charm and attraction. It simulates the effect of passing time that, by building up a characteristic patina, attenuates the original colours, adding unexpected shading or allowing underlying layers to shine through. The texture of Patina, which is soft to the touch and extremely beautiful, features ripples, marbling and vibrations in the material that are the fruit of imperfections typical of hand-crafted products.



Paint is a water-based oily paste with the addition of pigments. The innovative formulation enables various textures to be obtained: from an ultrafine lined effect modelled by passing the brush, which gives extremely refined and elegant environments, to a textile effect obtained by passing the brush again vertically over the ultrafine line, to a lovely glaze effect that enhances the consistency of the plaster.



Wallcrete is a surface with a great aesthetic impact that enhances the physical texture of the cement. It has a texture that features irregularities, marbling and vibrations in the material that are the fruit of imperfections typical of hand-crafted products. It is a coating that gives great depth and offers surprising light refraction effects, with a matt finish, that redefines the style and design of rooms, creating a fascinating and elegant atmosphere. Wallcrete’s finish is warm, soft and silky to the touch.