Deep Cleaning & Sealing of Tiles & Grout


Stone Seal clean & restore all interior and exterior floor tiles from natural stone such as Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, Marble and Limestone to man-made tiles such as Ceramic, Terrazzo, and Porcelain.

A variety of different cleaning techniques and professional specialist cleaning products are used depending upon the type of stone or tiled floor that requires cleaning. Stone Seal use premium professional products sourced from America and the UK. These products are verified and designed to clean effectively without being aggressive on the stone. After the deep cleaning process a sealant can be applied to the tiles. The sealant is designed to enhance the longevity of cleaner tiles and grout.

What is Sealing?

‘Sealing’ in stone terminology is accepted to mean the application of a chemical solution to any type of porous surface, which soaks in and penetrates into the tile. The sealer is generally non-visible and is designed to reduce the porosity (and hence stain ability) of the surface, making it easier to clean and limiting the depth of penetration of stains. The chemical compounds used as the active sealing agent vary depending on the type of protection required. Similarly, the ‘carrier’ of the sealing agent may be made up of various types of solvents or even water.

Penetrating sealers are designed to allow stone to ‘breathe’, permitting the movement of water vapour (and therefore stains) through and into the stone after varying periods of time. The various types of compounds used in sealers will permit different liquids to migrate into the stone faster than others.
Sealer performance and stain resistance therefore varies depending on the sealer composition, the type (and porosity) of the stone, and the stain. Sealers can also be generally be described as ‘oleophobic’ (repels oils), or ‘hydrophobic’ (repels water), and therefore selection of any sealer should take into consideration the likely staining agents with some solvents or oils staining faster than other contaminants.

From light cleaning to intensive deep cleaning and renovation of all stone and floor types, Stone Seal deep clean grout lines, restore tired and worn stone floors, clean and seal stone and tiled floors. Regardless of the flooring, Stone Seal have the solution.

Our 5 stage tile and grout cleaning process:

Stone Seal adapt the maximum of five stages procedure to clean tiles as below:

  1.  Pre-spray the tiles with professional grease cutting tile cleaner product.
  2.  Scrub the tiles with a rotary scrubber machine using tiles brush to remove the grease from the tiles surface and grout.
  3. Using a special grout cleaning hand brush, clean the grout on the corners and edges of the room.
  4. Steam clean the tiles with a powerful 1000 psi hot water pressure and high suction extraction machine.
  5. Dry the floor by using a dry mop.

Technician Chris recently cleaned and sealed the tiles of a hotel bathroom. These photos showcase the build up of bacteria on the left and on the right the photos taken following the cleaning and sealing process.

Chris cleaning tilesTile Restoration in Hotel by Chris before and afterTile Restoration in Hotel by Chris

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Stone Seal guarantee a professional service with outstanding results.



“Stone seal are amazing. They have been cleaning & polishing the marble in our home and floor shop for over 6 years. Stone Seal staff are always…” Continue reading >>


“Stone Seal have been looking after our marble polishing needs for many years now. I would not dream of having another company.” – Natalie Kenny – Malahide, Co. Dublin


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