Cementoflex is a resin-based continuous seamless flooring solution, by its nature enhances a new matrix of process and technology redefining durability with its compact application to that of other resin floor finishes. Comprising of 3-layers totalling a depth of only 3.5 mm exhibiting a mottled cement texture and available in the 10 Warm Collection colours.

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Cementoflex (CF)

Cementoflex is a continuous, 3-layer flooring, 3.5 mm thick, with a vibrated cement texture, available in the 10 Warm Collection colours.

Cementoflex is hand made by skilled decorators, and any distinctive marks and irregularities on the surface are proof of its refined and exclusive nature. Cementoflex is indicated for indoor surfaces (floors); for all rooms in the house and for commercial areas with high levels of foot traffic.

Cementoflex has a texture that enhances a new matrix featuring great vibrations and a refined consistency with a compact, even style. It is a surface with an industrial appeal that is well suited to contemporary tastes and can be used to create environments with great purity of form. Cementoflex has an extra matt finish.

Sophisticated Colours

Characteristics & Technical Information

  • Kerakoll 3-layer Technology (K3S) with Cementoflex ensures superior performance in terms of stability, resistance, non-absorbency, light weight, and flexibility
  • Eco-friendly and with low bacterial proliferation
  • Dynamic surface: thanks to Kerakoll 3-layer Technology (K3S) the texture and colour of the flooring can be changed quickly and easily, again and again
  • Can be applied to any substrate and is ideal for laying on old floorings
  • Does not require expansion joints
  • Ideal to cover radiating substrates
  • The Care System maintenance system guarantees long-lasting beauty and durability
  • Impact resistance (ISO 6272-1): Class 2 IR10-IR20
  • Shore D hardness (ASTM D 2240): 70
  • Surface wear (ASTM D 4060): 24 mg with CS17/1kg/1000rpm
  • Bacterial proliferation test (ISO 22196): Bacteriostatic, no proliferation
  • VOC (EN ISO 16000): Very low emissions, compliant with AgBB1
  • Underfloor heating systems (EN 1903): Compliant
  • Reaction to fire (EN 13501): Bfl-s1 Class
  • Antiskid (DIN 51130): R9
  • Antiskid (DIN 51097): B Class

3-Layer Technology in just 3.5mm Thickness

Cementoflex is an innovative and completely new material, the fruit of exclusive technology developed in the Kerakoll GreenLab R&D laboratories that gives a 3 layer surface just 3.5 mm thick with incomparable durability with respect to other lowthickness materials for continuous flooring.


  • Floorzero: Structural substrate in innovative polymer-matrix composite reinforced with glass-fibre mesh (Net 90) and quartz (Quarzo 1.3)


  • Cementoflex 1: Coloured fluid layer made up of High-Tech polymer matrix levelling product reinforced with quartz (Quarzo 1.3)
  • Cementoflex 2: Polymer matrix gel texturizing layer


  • Cementoflex 3: High-performance water-based protective coloured base layer
  • Cementoflex 4: High-performance water-based protective finishing layer with natural bacteriostatic action (to be applied in 2 coats)

Re-design Your Home

Surfaces in Kerakoll 3-layer Technology Cementoflex are dynamic because they can be renewed an infinity of times: once they have been applied the design of your home can be changed quickly, simply by sanding and then applying a new colour and/or texture.

Care & Maintenance

Cementoflex is an easy-to-clean continuous surface. To keep it beautiful over time, use SuperSoap, the neutral detergent with lavender extracts, to clean and care for it. To guarantee an even surface finish it is recommended that you use Refresher, the nourishing wax that protects against scratching and prevents wear, in environments subject to more intense foot traffic.

In the event of high wear, the surface can be completely regenerated using the Remover Pro + Care Pro professional treatment. In the event of accidental local spot damage, Cementoflex can be repaired quickly using Repair Pro professional gel, available in the 10 Warm Collection shades.

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