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What they say about us

We have worked closely with Stone Seal on multiple projects in the past, present and will no doubt work with them well into the future. Very professional and Genuine. Masters of their craft.

Structure Tone

Night or day, no matter what, Stone Seal has been available to us. We fully recommend them for large-scale department stores and beyond. Our Tile and Stone always look amazing. Thanks!


We’ve worked with Stone Seal on many high-profile projects and we couldn’t recommend Mark and his team of highly skilled technicians enough. Their work is of the highest quality and speaks for itself.

Kingston Lafferty Design

Stone Seal restored my damaged marble bathroom floor to brand new condition. They came on time, their workmanship was excellent and they were courteous.

Natalie Kenny

Our natural stone has never looked as good since we hired Stone Seal. Like clock-work they’re there to keep our premises shining to the high standards we’ve set.

The Shelbourne Hotel

We have a very strong relationship with Stone Seal and have used them many times for Stone restoration projects. They’re very flexible and the work is impeccable.

Brown Thomas

I highly recommend Stone Seal. Mark & the team were professional, punctual and cleaned up after themselves. The rejuvenation of our Limestone floor and countertop was outstanding.

Fiona Chambers

Ireland's Best Concrete Polishing Service

Stone Seal provides a variety of concrete polishing finishes, from small terrazzo to salt & pepper, for both domestic and commercial projects. We work with you every step of the way to provide the best flooring solutions possible.

Performance of Polished Concrete


Polished concrete is an extremely durable flooring option for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications Durable. When the floor is polished and increased in density, it makes it harder and more durable.


Polished, densified concrete is totally fire resistant. Unlike carpeting and many other types of flooring, no chemicals, such as brominated flame retardants, need to be added for fire resistance, and the floor surface does not contribute in any way to fire spread.


Sound insulation is a key issue in the construction of homes. Heavyweight and concrete construction offers proven mass, stiffness and damping that significantly reduces the transmission of noise not only between neighbouring homes but within the home itself.


Heavyweight and concrete construction provides a range of solutions that can economically achieve levels of sound insulation that exceed the minimum required by building regulations.


Appearance retention is simply the floors ability to remain pleasant visually for a reasonable period of time.  Every end-user expects that the considerable investment they make on any surface is going to be amortized over several years.


So every situation we encounter is different based on facility type, parameters of each facility, traffic patterns, and more. These program tiers represent an increased level of maintenance that includes chemical burnishing and in some cases re-polishing where needed.


This is one of the most attractive features of polished concrete floors. Since the floor becomes hard and durable, it can withstand spills, heavyweights and other damaging factors. There is, therefore, very little maintenance required for these floors.


Polishing the concrete improves its density; thus, it reduces its porosity. Any chemical spills can be more easily cleaned before making the floor stained or damaged. The better it is polished & sealed, the easier it becomes to clean.

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Why Choose Us?


Stone Seal sets the highest standards for interior design & stone restoration throughout Ireland by offering efficient, eco-friendly and flexible solutions.


From concrete polishing to stone restoration, Stone Seal has the skills and the team to provide best-in-class services that have evolved through more than 16 years. 


Stone Seal technicians have completed a minimum of six months of the latest and best training available to ensure they provide the best restoration & design service to all customers. 


From customer service and operations right down to our technicians, every job is a priority with Stone Seal. We have invested in industry-leading techniques, like vehicle tracking and quality assurance evaluations.


Here at Stone Seal, customer satisfaction is fundamental to our success. Since 2012 we have been widely recognised as the leading stone and restoration company in Ireland.

Meet the Team

Stone Seal has invested heavily in our team and it shows. Over the years, we have placed special emphasis on sourcing, training and nurturing the most talented and dedicated restoration and design team in the country. When it comes to your home or business, you deserve the best.

Services Co-Ordinator

Kellie Spratt

Kellie has been working with SMC Group for over 5 years and is the services co-ordinator for our stone and tile cleaning and restoration division. Kellie's duties vary from answering customer queries and calls to managing the schedule and day to day operations of our tile and stone team.
Account Manager and Business Development

Mark Boland

Mark is one of our longest serving employees and you'll know this by his versatility. His techincal knowledge and skills make him an excellent account manager as well as a technician. Mark is very popular with our clients as he consistently delivers a best in class experience.
Advanced Tile & Stone Restoration Technician

Sean Grainger

Sean is one of our most advanced tile and stone technicians and his been with us for over 4 years now. From marble to limestone, Sean knows how to clean, restore and seal even the toughest of stone surfaces.


How much does Polished Concrete cost?

Our competitive prices are calculated based on the work required. This can vary depending on the surface area, exposure type and finish required.

Are you eco-friendly?

We specialise in water conservation and treatment, like high pressure/low water washing, water recycling and rainwater harvesting and treating. We use the safest products and dispose of all waste responsibly.

Why should I choose Concrete Polishing?

Polished concrete floors are attractive, modern, durable and low maintenance with superior acoustic properties.

Is Concrete Polishing worth it?

Polished concrete is more than a floor finish, it’s an investment for the future. Not only will it last a long time but it will increase the value of your property too.

How do I choose a concrete polishing specialist?

Polishing concrete is a unique skill and requires a lot of specialist equipment. It’s important to make sure you choose a legitimate business with insurance, training and guarantees in place. Stone Seal is a fully registered, insured, highly trained and experienced natural stone restoration company.

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