Extreme Flow

Extreme Flow is a cement-based self-levelling overlay with only a 10mm thickness available in a wide range of colours giving a smooth concrete effect.

Extreme Style

Extreme style is our high-performance cement-based Terrazzo finished at a 10mm thickness. You have complete design control by combining any colour cement base with a wide range of aggregates or glass in a range of chip size options.


Trowel gives a non exposed aggregate finish with a 10 mm thickness, similar in style to a trowel finished concrete surface with a 10mm thickness finish. Trowel finish is available in any ral colour.


Eco Crete is the exterior and commercial option available with or without aggregates.

Micro Cement – Metallic

Micro Cement is a decorative cement mix, made to create a smooth and soft concrete look which is ideal for modern and contemporary spaces. Micro-cement is a versatile product that can be applied on walls, floors, stairs and furniture, both indoor and outdoor. Micro-cement can be made in all colours and can create the effect of continuous walls and floors.