Polished Plaster

The Range


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Marmorino Veneziano is the most popular of the polished plaster range, this stucco creates a marble-like impression using a range of brave colours to create surfaces that are suitable for sleek office & smart and trendy home looks. Hand made unique finishes with distinctive natural marks and irregularities in the surface.


Volare Lime plaster is a coloured, mineral, decorative coating of high quality. It is formulated with special lime putty, inorganic pigments and selected inert natural minerals. Volare can be polished, matt or have a combination of both finishes creating a soft textured look.


Infinity is a coarse plaster design coating of hydrated lime micronized, marble dust and silica sand, formulated with inorganic pigments, special additives and inert mineral fillers. Infinity allows to reproduce the effect of the stone and with the use of certain tools can create bespoke stone wall finishes.

3D Metallic

Plasma is a dynamic metallic wall finish that can be used for splashbacks in a kitchen, over wood (upcycling a wooden kitchen table) or just a statement feature wall, with this product it can go anywhere you desire.