Terrazzo polishing & Resoration specialists

Bringing natural stone back to life

By assessing your Terrazzo during your FREE consultation Stone Seal aim to provide you with the best solution for your surface whether you require professional ongoing maintenance or marble that is easier to clean at home, we will recommend the right process and sealer for your Terrazzo.

Care & Maintenance

Terrazzo is the original recycled flooring and it consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips, sprinkled or un-sprinkled, and poured with a binder that is a cementitious chemical. This process has been around for centuries, originating from Italian craftsmen who learned to mix marble scraps and waste material from other projects to make new floors.

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  • Use a neutral floor cleaning product
  • Put plastic trays under potted plants
  • Put plastic or felt coasters under wood and metal furniture feet.
  • Clean dust on natural floor tile regularly 
  • Use doormats on marble floors
  • Use Acidic or high alkaline cleaning products
  • Use scouring powders & abrasives, they can scratch the natural stone
  • Use coatings such as waxes on natural stone floors
  • Use rubber and fibre pads, they can scratch natural stone floors

Stone Seal Services


Stone Seal use advanced spin jet extraction technology combined with the most suitable cleaning products for your natural stone. Spin jet technology allows the removal of even the most stubborn trapped dirt from your stone and grout.

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Polished natural stone can become etched and tired through age, poor maintenance and general usage.  Stone Seal offer a full diamond polishing service that will restore the clarity back to your natural stone. 

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Matt finished stone or stone with a coating or ingressed/penetrated dirt will require honing. Honing employs aggressive diamond discs and compounds to work the stone floor to a matt finish in order to eliminate any – fine scratches, dull spots known as etch marks and stains.

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Cracks and holes in natural stone can be filled and colour matched by a trained Stone Seal technician. Advanced stain removal including rust, grout haze, coatings, sealers and efflorescence can all be removed with professional treatment.

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Professional sealing with the appropriate sealer or a suitable coating that offer premium protection against staining while keeping surfaces looking better for longer. Our specialist sealers are breathable, UV resistant and will not change the look or texture of sealed surfaces. Anti-slip and colour enhancing sealers are also available.

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Diamond grinding is available for old and new natural stone, if there is a requirement to remove raised edges & corners to give a perfectly flat & smooth surface. Natural stone floors can be refinished as desired with the option for matt, satin or a highly polished natural finish.

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Stone Seal are experts at choosing the right sealant for your stone – the one that will protect your investment for years to come. Our number one priority is to give you a surface you can use and enjoy for longer.

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