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We were approached in Spring 2023 by the Office of Public Works (OPW) to turn their dull & damaged concrete floors at the Heritage site of Dunmore Cave, Co. Kilkenny into something special.

Having been closed during COVID, it was the ideal time to get major works done before the grand reopening.

As Ireland’s #1 Concrete Polishing experts, we were honoured and more than equipped to take on this exciting & amazing project.

The Problem

Dunmore Cave is a series of limestone chambers formed over millions of years. It contains some of the most impressive calcite formations in any Irish underground structure. As part of this attraction, there is a visitor’s centre with numerous concrete floors, like a reception area and bathrooms.

Due to the public profile and cultural significance of Dunmore Cave, it was important that OPW hired professionals with the skills and knowledge to complete the task to the highest of standards.

Having been closed for a couple of years during COVID, the OPW team needed someone who could deliver.

This is where Stone Seal comes in.

Wear & Tear

damaged concrete dunmore cave

Due to many years of wear and tear caused by public footfall, the concrete floors at Dunmore Cave had become damaged and dull. Traces of damage called pitting had occurred to the surface which allowed dirt to gather in these areas.

Grime and staining from spills and general cleaning made the floor look dull and lifeless. The areas in the busiest thoroughfares had brittle and loose. Mostly in the places where you don’t want it to happen, right in the public eye…

The Solution

After face-to-face consultation with our concrete flooring expert, Mark, Stone Seal drew up a detailed plan to provide a robust, clean, safe, eco-friendly and time-sensitive solution to the problem.

Over the duration of 5 intense days, our highly skilled and dedicated technicians worked tirelessly to strip, clean, grind and seal the concrete floor in the canteen, reception area, corridors, staircases and lower ground floor areas.


The first two days were dedicated to meticulously stripping the cleaning the floors.

During the cleaning stage, our specialists scrubbed the floor to remove all debris, dust, dirt, grime & staining that has built up over time. This is to prepare the floor for the next step…

The job at hand

The next step of the restoration was to grind the concrete floor very lightly to restore the original cream-polish finish and give it a clean, smooth & slip-resistant finish and then seal it with a penetrative sealer that works itself deep into the concrete and creates a reinforced barrier, protecting it against spills and damage in the future.

The Results

Restoration Specifications

We have the best systems in place to ensure that all works are carried out to the highest possible industry standards, meet and even go above and beyond the client’s needs and requirements.

Our specially trained concrete polishing experts will assess the scope of the job at hand and provide a full installation/restoration specification assessment including job specifics, cost analysis, task breakdown, waste management report, certification and quality measures, weather report (if required), risk analysis, equipment and material specification, schedule and reporting as well as a post-works maintenance plan and schedule.

With compliments…

As with all of our concrete polishing projects, we provided the Maintenance Manager with a comprehensive maintenance plan and schedule to help with future maintenance and ensure that the floor remains protected and shining like new for longer.


The OPW expressed utmost satisfaction with the polished concrete restoration project. They commended Stone Seal’s exceptional restoration team for their professionalism, attention to detail, and adherence to the project timeline and budget. The client noted that the restored floor significantly elevated the centre’s image and became a feature in itself, which is something they hadn’t thought of originally. While it is OPW policy not to provide endorsements by way of an official testimonial, we have been informed that Mairtin or Flora are more than happy to provide a verbal recommendation and can be contacted directly.

Office of Public Works

Over 12 years of stone maintenance and restoration experience

Stone Seal is Ireland’s leading concrete polishing installer and restoration expert. Our core values are dedicated to the belief that timeless heritage buildings can and should be preserved and that clients should expect a higher level of service and consistently excellent customer experience.

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