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Concrete and Terrazzo Floors : What Are They All About?

So you’ve thought about getting a concrete floor. You saw some Polished Concrete or Terrazzo floors, either on TV or Social Media, and you thought, now that’s the floor for me. Now it’s time to find out if a concrete floor is the answer to your problems.

So we’ve asked our concrete and terrazzo floor specialist, Mark Boland, to answer some of the big questions for you.

What are the benefits of polished concrete and terrazzo floors?

Concrete & Terrazzo floors offer a lot of benefits including increased durability, low maintenance requirements, cost-effectiveness over time, aesthetic appeal, and environmental friendliness. It strengthens the floor, reduces dust and allergen problems, and reflects light to brighten up spaces. I’d strongly advise a visit to our showroom and see it for yourself. Words only go so far!

How long does a concrete or terrazzo floor last?

How long your floor lasts depends on how it’s looked after. Concrete & Terrazzo floors are known for their longevity. They can last for 20+ with proper maintenance, even in high-traffic areas. The lifespan can be extended to infinity and beyond with regular cleaning and occasional touch-up polishing.

Are polished concrete or terrazzo floors slippery?

Contrary to common belief, properly polished concrete and terrazzo is not slippery. The polishing process increases the coefficient of friction compared to ordinary concrete. Non-slip additives can also be applied during the polishing process to increase traction.

Are concrete and terrazzo floors cold to the touch?

Concrete floors, like any flooring type, rely on the ambient temperature of your room. While it is excellent at absorbing and radiating heat, making it perfect for homes with under-floor heating, in a cold room, it can be cold underfoot. In homes or buildings with radiant heating systems, concrete and terrazzo floors are extremely effective at distributing warmth evenly. Additionally, in warmer seasons, its natural coolness can be a benefit by keeping indoor spaces comfortably cool. This is especially important in A-rated homes that tend to suffer from overheating during the summer.

Are concrete & terrazzo floors cost-effective?

Although the upfront cost may be higher than some flooring options, concrete is cost-effective in the long run due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. It eliminates the need for regular floor coverings or coatings and requires less upkeep. It’s a good investment if it’s within your budget.

What are my colour options?

We have lots of options available for different colours and ideas. The most popular at the moment is the white terrazzo floor as seen on Room to Improve, but we can do more customizable terrazzo and concrete floors with bespoke aggregates like stone or glass etc. along with different cement colours.

Room to Improve Terrazzo Concrete Floor

Are concrete floors environmentally friendly?

Yes, polished concrete & terrazzo floors are an environmentally friendly flooring option. It utilizes existing concrete surfaces, minimizing waste and the need for additional materials. It also contributes to energy savings by reflecting light and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Can existing concrete be polished, or is it only for new construction?

Both existing and new concrete surfaces can be polished. However, the condition of the existing concrete will influence the final result. Repairs may be necessary before polishing to ensure a smooth, high-quality finish.

What design options are available with polished concrete?

Polished concrete is versatile in terms of design. It can be stained or dyed to achieve various colours, and patterns can be cut into the surface to create unique designs. The level of sheen can also be customized, from satin to high gloss.

We also offer a level-up option called SIB Terrazzo, which is far more customizable to your needs than regular polished concrete.

How are concrete and terrazzo floors maintained?

Maintenance is relatively simple and involves regular dust mopping and occasional wet mopping with a neutral cleaner. Unlike other flooring types, it doesn’t require waxing or stripping. Spills should be cleaned promptly to prevent staining. You should always approach a professional instead of attempting to use any acidic chemical cleaning agents on your floor.

Is a concrete or terrazzo floor suitable for homes or only commercial spaces?

Our polished concrete & Terrazzo floors are suitable for both residential and commercial settings. It offers a sleek, modern look for homes and is durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic of commercial spaces.

How long does the process take?

The duration varies based on the size of the area and the desired level of sheen. Small projects may take only a few days, while larger spaces can take longer. The process involves multiple steps, including pouring, grinding, honing, polishing and sealing. With our terrazzo floors, there are extra steps like adding and mixing aggregates in the cement.

Am I ready for a Concrete Floor?

Hopefully, this has answered some of your questions and given you an idea of what is involved in concrete floors. If you know what you want, have the project in place and the budget then you’re ready! We recommend booking a visit to our showroom to really see it for yourself.


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