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Limestone flooring not only looks chic and adds a sleek finish to any space, but its other qualities such as durability and warmth make it a favourite with more and more residential customers.

A savvy investment for any consumer, this hard-wearing flooring needs professional cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking its best. Below are just some of the reasons to have your limestone flooring professionally cleaned and maintained.

Protecting your Investment

It’s common knowledge among the property world, that limestone anywhere in the home especially flooring increases the home’s value. Its legendary longevity, has it a clever investment buy for any homeowner. Although extremely durable, limestone is a soft rock meaning it can easily scratch. It is therefore imperative to have your floors not only cleaned but protected too.

At Stone Seal, we use a specially formulated sealer that is specific to each job. Our invisible, impregnating sealer will not only resist spills and dirt but protect against future chips and scratches. Caring for your limestone flooring by having it professionally sealed yearly, will ensure you’re not only protecting your flooring but your overall investment too.

Custom Finish

As limestone presents itself in a muted palette, it sits perfectly among any interior colour scheme. Having the option to customise the type of finish can help you put your own stamp on it. At Stone Seal, customers have the option of a high polished finish, a honed (semi-polished) finish, or pretty much anything they desire…

Make your floors shine

It’s quite common for Limestone flooring to lose its shine, and become dull over time. In order to bring it back to life and restore that much sought after sleek aesthetic, a call to the professionals is a must. Customers are always surprised at how a simple cleaning and re-sealing of their floors, unveils the hidden beauty of the limestone.

Healthier home

Limestone is becoming more and more popular for its family-friendly appeal. Although it’s tough, it is softer than most other floorings of its kind. When badly laid or if not professionally cleaned at least annually, dirt can become trapped, turning it into a playground for germs and bacteria.

Having your limestone flooring professionally cleaned annually will ensure your home is cleaner and healthier for all the family.

StoneSeal – helping keep your limestone in the limelight!

Stone Seal specialise in cleaning and restoring Limestone flooring. Our highly trained technicians will talk you through each step and give you tips on how to maintain your floors in between professional cleans. To book your appointment today or to find out more about our services, Contact Stone Seal

Over 12 years of stone maintenance and restoration experience

Stone Seal is Ireland’s leading tile and stone company. Our core values are dedicated to the belief that timeless architectural finishes can and should be preserved, and that clients should expect a higher level of service and consistently excellent customer experience.

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