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When you think of concrete flooring you could be forgiven for thinking, cold and industrial. Its tough, resilient properties have made it a favourite for commercial flooring.

In more recent times, concrete has been given a facelift, with experts like Stone Seal using specialised tools and techniques to unmask its hidden beauty. A big hit with top interior designers for its chic, luxurious aesthetic, polished concrete is fast becoming the flooring of choice for homeowners too.

Its longevity, low maintenance and high slip resistance give it that much sought after family-friendly appeal.

Below are Stone Seal’s Top 5 Reasons for choosing Polished Concrete Flooring for your home.

Aesthetic Appeal

Who isn’t shallow when it comes to choosing an investment piece for their home? Concrete flooring has many benefits, but its wow factor is what has got people talking. Already proven it’s a trend here to stay, its smooth, chic aesthetic can give the illusion of space in even the smallest of areas. Suitable for any room, it acts as a blank canvas, and perfectly compliments all interior designs.

As it’s highly stain resistant, polished concrete flooring will stay looking good and blemishes will only add an enviable rustic charm. It can be customised to suit your exact taste with different colours and designs, meaning it truly is a bespoke flooring choice.

Cost Efficiency

Polished concrete flooring can last a lifetime, making it a savvy investment for any home. It’s so cost-effective that it can help reduce your domestic bills.

As concrete retains heat, polished concrete is an excellent choice for underfloor heating. Floors will stay warmer for longer, thus reducing your heating costs and keeping your home toasty.

It doesn’t stop there, lightly coloured polished concrete can amplify the amount of natural light coming into your home, meaning less need for artificial lights and in turn reducing your electricity bills.

Low Maintenance

Polished concrete is one of the healthiest flooring choices for homes as it doesn’t harbour dust mites, allergens or dirt. Its clean, slick lines not only give it a stunning contour, but more importantly, it’s super easy to maintain…perfect for a busy household!

Unlike carpeting and similar flooring types, polished concrete requires only occasional damp mopping to keep it looking its best.

Health Benefits

Looks can be deceiving and none more so than polished concrete. Its lustrous sheen can give the illusion of a slippy surface when in fact it has a high slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents at home.

Polished concrete floors are anti-allergenic and a great choice for allergy suffers such as asthmatics. The dust has nowhere to collect and because Stone Seal’s polishing process uses no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), it is safe for both you and for the environment.

The reasons for choosing polished concrete flooring are endless, and it’s no wonder we have seen a recent surge in demand for residential booking. With Stone Seal, no two floors are the same! You know when you book with us, your floors be will unique for you and your family – making them the perfect foundation to create new memories.

Stone Seal are Ireland’s leading specialist in concrete flooring.
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